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Is your FAR/AIM current?

If it's a paper copy the answer is almost always no.  Why Jeppeson, King, ASA and other publishers pick October to release their paper copies of these most important pilot publications is somewhat difficult to understand. The main section of the FAR (CFR Title 14) is updated 1 January each year and the AIM is updated with a change about every 6 months.  A new AIM Manual was just released this past March. Usually, after less than 3 months, most of the paper book is obsolete and after 6 months, the only current section in the whole book is CFR Title 49, on accident reporting and flight schools which gets updated each October. 

Break the cycle.  We can get you the latest FAR/AIM and it will be current when you get it and will stay current with our update service.  It is searchable and indexed.  It will also include many sections that the paper books never publish.  All our kits get free updates for 1 year.


How to Get a Private Pilot's License:

This basic license allows you to fly single-engine aircraft and carry passengers; it is the foundation for more advanced instrument, commercial and professional pilot licenses. Many people do not know all the steps or realize that that they have options to fit many different approaches, learning styles and goals.

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 Top Gun Tips to Instantly Fly Better:

Pilot training, and piloting itself by necessity, teach and reinforce positive habits. This book explores flying advice from Top Gun pilots that share valuable advice for any current or aspiring pilot.  Even includes a checklist to ensure you bring the right habits with you to the airport.

Their advice is not limited to licensed and student pilots. Get this book and reap positive benefits as a pilot and in all aspects of your life. 

This $29.95 value - is yours absolutely free.

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Keep Your Pilot License Current with the FAA

Do you know pilots, are required to update their address with the FAA within 30 days after you move - know how to advise them of a change? 

You are required to carry your license any time you fly - what would you do if you lost it?  This article covers all the details.

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